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How you start the meeting is where there is finally direct interaction between you, the Job Seeker and the Hiring Manager, and is the second step of our 4 Step Interview Preparation Process. As a reminder, “Lombardi Time” is that transition from Step 1 to Step 2. Be on time (ten minutes early). Also, the level of enthusiasm you display for being a part of their team will work toward your elevated perceived value, so being mentally prepared and confident works to your favor.

If this is your first face to face meeting with the Hiring Manager, you will begin with a cordial greeting. During this time frame, you should: Stand and greet the Hiring Manager with a professional handshake and smile, remembering to maintain eye contact. The hiring Manager more than likely will begin this cordial greeting stage with a short introductory statement, unrelated to the Interview itself. A Greetings Statement. Respond in kind, being sure to thank the Hiring Manager for the time and opportunity to meet with you for the respective position you are interviewing for. At this time you have the opportunity to avoid the “Miss America” statement. We highly recommend that you do all you can to avoid this statement. The “Miss America” statement is a statement by the hiring Manager that goes something like this: “So, tell me about yourself…” This is typically stated early in the Interview stage and works against the Job Seekers best interest at that time.

You avoid the “Miss America” statement by continuing to speak at the initial Greetings Statement phase. Your Greetings Statement should go something like this: “Nice to meet you… thanks again for taking the time to meet with me, and for considering me for this position. My Recruiter shared with me the general information about this opportunity, and I’ve researched it a bit further as well as your firm, and came away quite impressed with what I have learned. Can you tell me more specifically about this opportunity and your expectations of me in the role?”

You obviously want to personalize this according to your specific circumstances, but that question, tied directly into the conclusion of your Greetings Statement, will get the Hiring Manger to begin the Interview by addressing your question, allowing you to continue to catch your breath, and take in your surroundings.

You are the visitor in someone else’s environment. There will be nervous energy regardless as to who you are or what type of personality you have. This approach will enable you to relax at the beginning of the interview.

If handled correctly, the hiring manager will go over the position and the firm in more detail, allowing you, the Job Seeker to become more familiar with the environment. It also allows the Job Seeker to confirm the position’s requirements and to get to know the Hiring Manger’s approach and to a certain degree personality. As the Job Seeker, you should at this point, sit back, and pay attention to the Hiring Manager’s conversational pattern.

Quite a bit of detail can come out of the Hiring Manager’s conversation pattern. What type of words do they use? How fast is their speech pattern? What is the volume of their speech pattern? When available use “matching/mirroring” techniques. Matching or Mirroring Techniques are tools you can utilize to ensure the Hiring Manger perceives that you are in line with them.

Once the hiring manger has completed the explanation of the position, the Job Seeker should at that point, match their Resume / qualifications to the hiring manager’s just completed explanation and expectation in the course of general conversation. Remember, if you, the Job Seeker, make it to a face to face interview stage, it means that you meet the requirements sought and are qualified for the position, based on your previously submitted Resume or background data.

At this point, you should follow the standard flow of the Interview and can rest easy in that you made past two significant hurdles: Presenting yourself properly and starting the Interview.

How you handle money questions, step 3 of the 4 Step Interview Preparation Process, can be either the easiest or most difficult aspect of any hire. To create the former, both parties (Job Seeker and Hiring Manger), must take a professional, fair and equitable approach to this step. More than likely you will not discuss compensation over the phone, with the Hiring Manager. However, if is discussed it should be uniform as is if at a face to face interview.

The Job Seeker should never initiate discussions regarding compensation. When the topic of compensation is brought up, it should be done so by the Hiring Manager. When it is addressed by the Hiring Manager, it is considered a “buying sign”, meaning there is a high level of interest in the Job Seeker and a step closer to the Offer Stage.

*IMPORTANT NOTE* If you are reading this, you have already accepted the fact that you are a Job Seeker. Discussing compensation during the interview process should NOT be compared to the buying or selling of a house, nor are you a professional athlete. Compensation negotiations do not typically exist in this process. Serious damage to either the reputation of the Hiring Manager(s), Hiring Firm(s), or the Job Seeker, if this process is not addressed respectfully.

The Hiring Manager, should already have an understanding (even if generally), as to the Job Seeker’s current earnings capacity, at the time of Interview. If this information cannot be obtained by the Recruiter partner, from the Job Seeker during the qualifications discovery stage, this could represent potentially negative consequences for the Job Seekers ability to properly present themself during the Interview stage.

Job Seeker and Hiring Manager alike, be advised, the market to which you work within has a compensation standard that is fully understood and accepted by all parties within any given industry. Others before either of you have Interviewed, or have been Interviewed, for this position in the past, and others will continue to do so into the future. If either party attempts to get around what the market bears, in either direction of the compensation scale, the hire will not happen and potentially detrimental experiences will follow. This should not be your intent.

The key to remember in How you handle money questions, is that there are only two ways money questions can be asked at an Interview: 1 – What do you currently earn, or 2 – what are your compensation requirements (What do you need to make, what do you expect to make)?

When it is brought up, the Job Seeker should pay attention to how the money question is asked.

  1. If they ask “How much you currently earn?”, tell the truth! We highly encourage Job Seekers to present documented proof, in the form of a most recent pay stub, or end of year tax document provided by your current employer (IRS form W-2).This “proof” of earnings display will generate tremendous credibility to your personal “word”. It also eliminates the need a Hiring Manager will naturally have to seek validation to your statement of earnings. Bringing a most recent pay stub will go a long way to assist the Job Seeker in properly positioning them as one of high integrity and trustworthiness.

    Conversely, if a Job Seeker misrepresents their current earnings, and it is later discovered, it could lead to grounds for termination for falsifying an application for employment, if hired under the misrepresented information. This could be compounded by a diminished perceived integrity or your trustworthiness, going forward, by potentially detrimental reference needed later from your most recent employer and so on… So tell the truth, and do your best to back it up!

  2. If they ask “What are your compensation requirements (What do you need to make, what do you expect to make, and so on)? Don’t be alarmed. This is actually your preference, and is an open ended attempt to discover a base salary (number) that may be below that to which may available within the organizations budget. DO NOT respond with a numeric answer. Most of the time, this question is not intended to commit you into a financial position; however, it can if you are not careful.Again, examples of how this is asked are: “What will it take…?”, “How much will you need…? Or “What are your salary requirements?” Remember this is a positive “buying sign”. You should respond positively, and in kind. Simply state, in your own words: “I know that in your position you have a budget for this role. I am not familiar yet with how your budget will address this position as it relates to compensation. I can tell you that my current base is ____, I w-2’d _____, I’m sure if I’m the right person for this position, you’ll give me a fair offer“.

This type of reply is intended to keep the talks going and not tie you, the Job Seeker, into a fixed number. A stated Salary requirement at this point will be difficult to get away from later. The Job Seeker must fully weigh all aspects of an organization, before accepting a role with them. Compensation is a part of the overall measurement needed. More needs to be learned about the culture, environment, job responsibilities, etc…

The Hiring Manager should have a sense of comfort in discussing the obvious. That being the compensation range of the position. If this topic is not discussed at your face to face Interview, be patient. These terms will follow in direct dialogue with the Hiring Manager, in the days following your Interview.

How you close the interview is the final step in our 4 Step Interview Preparation Process. As your Interview comes to an end, you should have successfully addressed three of the four most important items for a Job Seeker during an Interview: How you present yourself, How you start the interview and How you handle money questions. All that is left to address is How you close the Interview.

Similar to the Greeting Stage at the beginning of an Interview, a sense of cordial discussion will begin to take place nearing the conclusion of your interview. As you the discussion turns to the Hiring Manger saying “Thank you for coming in…, etc…) be sure to ask the Hiring Manager what next steps can be expected. Determine dates, and / or times an expected follow up, or next meeting should likely to take place. Make a note of any next step action items that the Hiring Manager may require, such as: References, if any, additional meetings with other key players within the Hiring Manager’s organization, etc…

At the very end of the Interview, the Job Seeker should make a point to pause, and say: “I appreciate the time that you have spent with me, and I hope you have learned that I am quite impressed with your organization, I do have one final questionDo you see any reason why I would not be a great fit with your firm?”

We call this “The Columbo”. The Columbo is intended to discover any objections the Hiring Manager may have as to the applicability of your professional background, education, skill set, accomplishments or personality for the position you are Interviewing for. Respectfully, the Hiring Manager should be in a position to identify any item, question or concern about you to you or your background, if any, and share them with you. If this happens to be he case, at least you are fully aware of any particular item, and you are in a position to address them, if any immediately.

If the Hiring Manager answers that in fact they are impressed and feel you are a great fit, then it is your responsibility to “close them towards the next steps in the process of the Interview, which is to seek an Offer of Employment. For example, as the Job Seeker, you should state something to effect of: “Excellent! When do I start?” (Or “When do you suggest we meet again to finalize this process?” Or “how would you suggest we go forward?”).

The difference between those who Interview and those who get an Offer of Employment is – asking for the job.