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JBN Consulting Process

In Depth Needs Analysis

What are you looking for? What do you have to offer to attract the right Candidate?

  • Analyze client needs – Identify the specification(s) for the position(s) needed, including formal educational, industry experiences, historic compensation, responsibilities and expectations.
  • Help Client understand that our Candidates are passive, not actively seeking a new position. Therefore, a coordinated effort between us is needed to bring the very best available Candidate to the position.
  • Identify with Client historic successes and failures with affected role and utilize the most effective route to insure success.
  • Determine- what is the cause of the existing vacancy, and what can happen if vacancy is not filled (soft/hard cost to company).
  • Strategize on how to most effectively Market opportunity and how to get the best Candidates motivated to go forward.
  • Formal presentation of our understanding for your approval (internal White Paper).
  • Compare the requirements & job specifications to that of other related industry firms to understand market conditions, including compensation, benefits, etc…

Research the Market

Where are you in the market, where have you been in the market, where are you going in the market, compared to that of your competition. Who are the players?

  • Assign a Search team, if applicable, to Search Assignment.
  • Determine Competitive analysis and provide feedback to client & determine the most appropriate sources and eliminate any inappropriate sources.
  • Build Organizational charts with competitive analysis – Who are the people?

Find the Candidate(s) – Sourcing

  • Develop Recruit Presentation (written feedback where appropriate and timely).
  • Explanation of how to handle Candidate objections, including: “I’m happy where I am”, “I am not looking”, etc…
  • Recruit appropriate Candidates & write confidential Data Summary
  • In-Depth interview with all Candidates who fit the specifications and requirements in step 1, above.
  • Market, confidentially, the client’s opportunity and close for time of introduction/interview.
  • Discuss and close Counter-Offer and other issues including compensation, start dates, realistic expectations of responsibilities, personal growth plans and geographical interests – why…

Arrange an interview and follow through

  • In depth presentation to Client on each qualified Candidate.
  • Discuss those found in the Search but were eliminated and why, where applicable.
  • Schedule an interview date & time with qualified Candidates.
  • Provide Confidential Data Summary or Resume (if Available) to client.
  • Follow up interview (Debrief) with both Candidate and Client after each interview phase.
  • Sharpen opinions and develop follow up questions for second interview, if appropriate.
  • Discuss and close on counter-offer with Candidate
  • Before follow up interview, have Candidate provide “the three numbers” (What will take to accept an offer if extended)
  • Choose the best Candidate


  • In depth reference checks and feedback to client, where applicable.
  • Discuss Counter Offer in depth with Candidate and Client.
  • Discuss and agree to the offer to present to the Candidate.
  • Make offer and get acceptance:No offer should be made unless you know it will be accepted and Candidate is pre-closed. As an Executive Recruiter, we are specifically trained on an extending formal offers and preparing for an acceptance. All formal offers should be followed with a formal written offer.

For more information on our services, please call Ryan Hudson, VP of Business Development: 877-562-7626 ext. 708